One of the most exciting and meaningful events in the life of a young couple is their wedding. Walking to the altar, telling vows, and having all the relatives and friends on this day can become some of the most touching memories for the rest of their lives. But how to organize this day a beautiful wedding right and make it a high-class event for guests and the couple? We collected the most effective tips on making your wedding a perfect day that you will hardly ever forget. Let’s see what Asian brides advise you on the organization.

Decide On The Location Of Your Wedding

The first thing that you have to decide on with your future spouse is the geographical location of your wedding. It will depend on your budget, desire, convenience, and even your origin and cultural background: if you are getting married to Asian brides, you can choose a Balinese or Thai city for your wedding. If your wife is from Europe, you may want to go to Rome or Nice to register your marriage, and so on. Therefore, you will have to sit down with your Asian bride, write a list of top wedding locations in the world, choose the criteria of the perfect place, and then see which location suits your needs best.

Search For The Wedding Agency or Plan Everything In Advance

When you know where you want your wedding to take place, you can start searching for a wedding agency to help you with the organization of the event. To do that, ask recommendations of your friends, colleagues, and go online for reviews of other Asian brides who cooperated with it. Pay attention to the latest reviews so that you could understand what level of service they offer now. For example, if you are looking for an organizing wedding ceremony in Bali, search for the best wedding agencies there, read Balinese wedding blogs and forums, and do not hesitate to register and ask questions there. Asian brides are usually quite friendly and will be happy to help you with your choice of a wedding agency. 

If you prefer doing everything on your own, planning is key for you. Start a wedding preparation journal to keep all the phone numbers, notes, and plans in one place and not forget anything. Write out all the necessary components of a wedding of your dreams on the paper and then, plan where and when you will talk with the venue administrators, dress showrooms’ consultants, photographers, cooks, and so on. If you want to have a traditional Asian wedding, be ready to dedicate much time to the preparation.

Choose A Venue

Once you know where in the world you want to spend your wedding day, start searching for the restaurants or entertainment complexes in that area. If you need to take a lot of guests to the place of celebration, make sure that there is accommodation available for them. In case you travel to another country for your wedding, book a hotel as a venue for your event like the majority of Asian brides do. One of the most important things to do when doing step wedding planning is to make sure your venue is suitable for all the guests you are asking to attend. Especially think about those who need to travel from other countries. The first thing you need to decide on is whether you are going to make a wedding in another country, have a church wedding, or a civil ceremony, and what type of wedding ceremony you are having. Most brides, especially Swedish girls, prefer Asian countries for marriage because of the mild climate. There are many things to consider when choosing a location, such as the weather, any obstacles that might come up, the number of people expected at the event, the duration of the reception, seating, parking, and catering. Nordic people also think about all of the details that can come up during the evening, such as dinner reservations, dessert choices, wedding cake decorations, music, and more. There are many sites online that allow you to get married right through a variety of different venues without leaving your home, along with plenty of photos and videos of the locations. You can use these to help you make your final decision on a location that you think is perfect for both you and your guests. Planning your wedding online is a fast, even from Sweden, easy way to get married, and with a little bit of work, it won’t be hard to get everything together and have that special day.

Order Videography & Photography Service

If you want to have the picture and a short clip of your special day, remember to choose the best photographer and video maker in the area. Consider not only locals but also professionals who are available to work worldwide. The only criteria for them will be the ability to make beautiful Asian bride photo and videos. Also, if you have a dream of the world-class photographer making a wedding photoshoot for you, book your day at least a year in advance. Thus, you will not have to choose the first photographer at the last minute.

Pick The Dress And Suit Wisely

When you decide on the venue and wedding photography, go on to choosing the clothes for the ceremony. If you already know the general style of your wedding, picking the right dress for a bride and a suit for the groom will not be an issue. The design of your clothes should be two things: matching your body shapes and the atmosphere of your event, while the manufacturer of your dress and suit do not matter. To have a memorable wedding, you can follow the tradition of Asian brides regarding the clothes: they choose the item that makes them feel special at the moment. Also, they never wear something too tight (this is to make sure your clothes will not happen to be small for you on the wedding day).

Think About The Menu And The Decorations

The wedding in Oriental style presupposes the corresponding dishes and interior decorations. Thus, the experience of Asian brides will also be valuable in choosing the menu and ordering flowers and furniture (if needed) for your wedding venue. Also, think about your personal preferences regarding food and the health conditions of your guests since some people may prefer vegetarian dishes over meat, juice and soda instead of alcohol, etc. Your wedding will be memorable if everything will be thought-out well in advance.

Plan The Transfer For Guests

Taking marriage in another country or continent has one more issue to be solved, which is the transfer for guests. When Asian brides travel to another country for their wedding, they pay for plane tickets for their family and friends, as well as for their accommodation. If your budget allows such an expenditure, booking a charter plane can also be an option for transferring your friends and family to your wedding location. Making a video on board will contribute to your memories for years after the trip. 


Finally, remember to stay relaxed once the X-day is getting closer. You have it all done already: you have managed to find Asian wife, your true soulmate. You have picked up the finest clothes, formed the menu, and booked the venue, sent the invitations to your guests, and now you just need to calm down and enjoy your day. Did you know that mail order Asian brides are some of the most beautiful on the wedding day? Yours will be one of them soon!

P.S. In 2020 it will not be possible to organize a wedding at the Bali, but next year everything will change.

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